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Ecotourism is a trip to natural areas that pays more attention to the environment and its protection than anything else. In fact, ecotourism is a visit to an area; In a way that does not harm the natural, environmental, cultural and social characteristics of the area and improves the well-being of the people of that area.

What is an eco-lodge?

These accommodations are built to accommodate travelers interested in preserving the features of the environment. In these accommodations, we try to cause the least damage to the environment and the guest gets acquainted with the culture of the host community. These residences are usually run by local people to be more successful in transmitting social and cultural features. The decoration and structure of the eco-lodges are also reminiscent of the features of the area, and even the food served there is selected from local cuisine. Ecotourism resorts are not just places to stay and they can attract tourists as an attraction.

رزرو اقامتگاه

What is the difference between an eco-lodge and a villa?

در اقامتگاه بوم گردی فقط اتاق به صورت دربست در اختیار شما قرار میگیرد و بقیه فضاها مانند حیاط و باغ و ... بصورت اشتراکی می باشد. اما در ویلا محل اقامت بصورت دربست در اختیار مسافر قرار دارد. در اقامتگاه بوم گردی، صبحانه در زمان مقرر سرو می شود و در صورت درخواست می توانید تهیه ناهار یا شام را هم بر عهده مسئولان اقامتگاه بگذارید. اما در ویلا، خود شما مسئول تهیه وعده های غذایی خود هستید. تمام اقامتگاههای بومگردی دارای مجوز هستند و بهداشت، خانه داری، تغدیه و ... تحت کنترل مراجع ذیصلاح قرار دارد اما ویلاها لزوما دارای مجوز اقامتی نیستند.

Reservation of villas and eco-lodges

Iran Hotel online reservation system is ready to accompany you in booking 1150 villas and eco-lodges to have a pleasant stay with your loved ones. You can contact the sales department of "Iran Hotel" at 071-32355555 for advice and reservation of eco-lodges and villas.

رزرو اقامتگاه